Light discovers a new dimension: Suprema

Born in 2018, our brand joined lighting market as a recognized international player thanks by its desing, innovation and R&D of smart products

Suprema is the registered mark of Prismalux group. Italian distributor of professional lighting fixtures and systems characterized by high technical quality standards and energy efficiency

Step by step we create a multitude of different range: from classic products, passing trough deco bulbs, we're always focused to satisfy any client need

Led bulb is Astuta

it's first smart bulb introduced on the market by our company.

Easy to install, it automatically connects to Alexa thanks to the Zigbee protocol; its technology allows you to easily control the home lights by voice or app to create different atmospheres whenever you want

Nowdays, we continue to develop smart range with about 100 new Wi-fi products launched on the market in 2020 and we don't want to stop